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Pahadi Lal Rajma

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Rajma is available in many colors and patterns like white, purple, and even striped. They not only perk up your palate but also provide you with loads of protein and fiber.    
It is also considered to the pride of our desi Kitchen. Most people swear by Rajma Chawal and  it has created a niche for itself in Indian kitchens, restaurants and also as readily available  street food..   



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Pahadi Lal Rajma – The Beloved Dish of North India

Growing up, every North Indian knows the delicacies that are found in their hometown. From piping hot paranthas to Pahadi Lal Rajma, North India has it all! Pahadi Lal Rajma, otherwise known as red kidney beans, is a beloved North Indian dish that has been savored since ancient times. It is not only a classic North Indian dish, but it has transcended state boundaries and even brought joy to neighboring countries such as Nepal.

What is Pahadi Lal Rajma?

Pahadi Lal Rajma, also known as Lal Rajma, is a simple yet flavorful dish that shares the same characteristics as the universally popular dish, carne. Commonly termed as ‘Indian chili’, Lal Rajma is a curry-based dish which comprises kidney beans cooked in a spiced mixture of onions, garlic, tomatoes, cumin, and coriander, as well as other elements which vary regionally. The flavors and aromas of the dish strongly suggest its North Indian roots and the success of the dish has surely made it in the Northern region of India.

Development of Pahadi Lal Rajma

Phase 1: Rajmah Curry

With its origin taking place in the Southern regions of the North India in the Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and to some extent, Rajasthan, the earliest reports of the dish involve the use of black beans, hence crediting its ancestral form - Rajmah curry. The primary contents preparation were primarily black beans and spices. The black beans were mutilated and cooked for hours, leading to its transition from a curry-like dish to a kind of soup. Also allowing bowl of their stewed beans, spices, and aromatic herbs was an additional pork fat and bones to establish a greater flavor.

Phase 2: Misqal Rajma the incorporation of red beans as a substitute for the black beans. The more common modern-day variant, the Misqal Rajma, is found in the North Indian states which and whistles from before. The red kidney beans are soaked overnight and boiled for about four hours with the spices. This timescale allows the beans to soften up and the spices to render a distinct flavor to the preparation is cooked until a thick curry-like consistency is achieved.

Phase 3: Pahadi Lal Rajma

The flavoring of Pahadi Lal Rajma has yet another twist. The Kashmiri red chil peppercorns, and dry fenugreek leaves exemplify the smell and taste of the dish with a subtle smoky flavor. This flavor is achieved when the chilis and dry fenugreek leaves cold pressed added to the Pahadi Lal Rajma. It takes approximately five hours for the dish to be prepared.


The Pahadi Lal is served best with various light accompaniments. The most common of these is rice, bhakri or a roti as these neutralize the spiciness of the dish. Some of the other favorite pairings include a pickle or achaar and cucumber salad. To ensure maximum flavor, Pah is served steaming hot with generous amounts of butter overtop the bowl of delish goodness!

Benefits of Pahadi Lal Rajma

Aside from being immensely flavorful, Pahadi Lal Rajma features other health a distinct nutritional element as they are packed with proteins, fibers, and various minerals. Furthermore, the dish is loaded with antioxidants and complex carbohydrates that make excellent source of energy. Even the use of ghee and butter is a source of healthy monosaturated fats, making the dish a good choice for those wanting to maintain


The immense popularity of Pahadi Lal Rajma throughout North India cannot its unique flavors and cherished for, and recipes associated with the dish may seem intimidating but if done correctly, Pahadi Lal Raj. When done right, it will neither disappoint nor make you regret its preparation.


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