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Pahadi Methi (Fenugreek Seed)


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Fenugreek, since time immemorial has been used in alternative medicine. Fenugreek seeds have a healthy nutritional profile. They are very rich in fiber and minerals viz iron, Potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.  
Consumption of Fenugreek seeds is  beneficial in checking diseases like high BP, diabetes and indigestion. It is believed that one teaspoon of fenugreek seed powder if consumed daily can help control the sugar levels in blood.


Pahadi Methi: Delicacy of the Himalayas

India is home to a vast variety of foods, the diversity of which derive from the country's rich cultural heritage and geographical differences. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, each region boasts special dishes that are not only unique to it but demonstrate the nuances of its regional palette. One such dish that is celebrated in the Himalayan regions, and by name of the dish shows, is Pahadi Methi (literally translating to 'Mountain Fenugreek'). A popular north and central Indian dish, Pahadi Methi is made with methi or fenugreek leaves, and is exceptionally flavorful and nutritious.

What is Fenugreek?

Fenugreek (botanical name of Trigonella foenum-graecum) is an annual plant with lentil-like seeds, commonly found in India, the Mediterranean region and parts of Asia. It is often referred to as "methi" in Hindi and is an essential ingredient in North Indian cooking and in cuisines around the world. The fenugreek seed is used in a variety of recipes, from spice mixtures (such as garam masala) to curries, to bread doughs. It also has various medicinal applications which is why it is often used in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine to treat a range of ailments.

Nutritional Benefits of Fenugreek and Pahadi Methi

Fenugreek is a powerhouse of nutrition. It is rich in a range of vitamins and minerals and contains a considerable amount of dietary fiber (which blood cholesterol levels and aids in digestion). It is also a great source of plant-based protein and even contains a good amount of calcium, a mineral essential for strong bones and teeth. Fenugreek is also known for its cooling and antioxidative properties, making it an ideal ingredient in cooling summer salads or quick breads.

Pahadi Methi is a great way to have all these nutritional benefits in a single dish. The combination of spices, herbs, vegetables, and fenugreek gives this dish a unique and tantalizing flavor, and the dish is equally beneficial and nutritious.

Ingredients and Process of Making Pahadi Methi

Pahadi Methi is traditionally made with fresh, organic fenugreek leaves or the dried varieties. In addition to the leaves, the dish also often contains a combination of ingredients such as spinach, potatoes, onion, tomato, garlic, ginger, masalas and a few spices.

The process of making Pahadi Methi begins with sautéeing the ingredients in ghee or hot oil. While sautéing, aromatics such as bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, cumin, and garam masala are often added to the mix. This enhances the flavor and aroma of the dish. Once the ingredients are cooked together, the fenugreek leaves are added to the mixture and cooked for a few minutes until the flavors are blended together. The dish is served hot with rice, mashed potatoes, or any flatbread.

Variations of Pahadi Methi

The dish Pahadi Methi is served in two variations - either as a dry sabzi or a curry. In the dry sabzi form, the dish tends to be more savory while in the curry form, the dish is made with a yogurt-based gravy that makes it creamy and rich in flavor.

The beauty of Pahadi Methi lies in its versatility and adaptability. Different ingredients can be incorporated to enhance the flavor and texture of the dish. For instance, cottage cheese (paneer) can be added for a richer flavor, and the spices and herbs can be tweaked to personalize the dish as per one's taste preferences.

Serving Pahadi Methi

Due to its unique texture and flavor, Pahadi Methi is a great dish to be served at parties or other festive occasions. It pairs well with almost any accompaniment of your choice. Pahadi Methi is enjoyed with roti, naan, rice, or biryani. It can even be served as an accompaniment to other dishes like dal or vegetables.


Pahadi Methi is a healthy and delicious dish that can be enjoyed all throughout the year. Not only is it full of flavor and nutrients, but it is also versatile enough that one can customize it as per their liking. In the end, Pahadi Methi is a tribute to the delicious cuisine of northern and central India and will make for a great addition to any spread.


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