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Pahadi Red Chilly Powder


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Red Chillies work a great deal to spice up our meals. It is impossible to imagine most Indian cuisine without red chillies. Whether in the powder form or as a whole spice, the entire country uses it in some form or the other. Loaded with essential minerals, Red chili powder’s key component capsaicin can also help reduce triglycerides, cholesterol and platelet aggregation. It may also help the body dissolve fibrin, which helps prevent the formation of blood clots. This can eventually contribute towards overall better heart health.  


Pahadi Red Chilly Powder: Spice up Your Dishes with This Red Chili

Nowadays, people are increasingly looking for handcrafted and unique ingredients to add to their dishes. One such ingredient is the Pahadi red chilly powder. This chili powder is produced in the Northern hills of India and is known for its intense flavor and aroma. Let’s take a closer look at this special red chili powder and its various uses.

Pahadi Red Chilly Powder?

Pahadi red chillies are one of the most commonly used spices in Indian households. This powdered chili has the same vibrant red color, smoky flavor, and pungent aroma that you’ll get from other red chillies, though it is a bit lighter in its spiciness. Pahadi chillies are grown in the tropical and subtropical Northern regions of India, and are known for being organically sourced and hand-processed.

Why Use Pahadi Red Chilly Powder?

Using Pahadi red chili powder in your dishes can add a unique flavor to your cuisine. Chili powder is a common part of most cuisines around the world, but the flavor of the Pahadi chili will give your dishes an extra punch.

Unlike other chili powders, Pahadi chili powder has a very mild heat, making it a great choice for those who find the spiciness of other red chili powders too overpowering. It also has a slightly smoky and earthy flavor that can help to further enhance the flavor of different dishes.

Overall, Pahadi chili powder is the perfect blend of flavors and can be used to spice up both meat and vegetable dishes, and can be used in curries as well as dry rubs.

How To Use Pahadi Red Chilly Powder?

Using Pahadi red chili powder is easy. The powder can be added to dishes while they are cooking, sprinkled onto food, or mixed into sauces or marinades.

When adding it to food, make sure to start with a small amount as the powder can be quite strong. Once you’ve tasted the food, you can always add more chili powder if desired.

Since the powder is quite spicy, it may be a good idea to keep a small amount of chili powder to the side for your guests to add to their want a bit more kick. This way can get the spiciness that they like.

Where To Buy Pahadi Red Chilly Powder?

Pahadi red chili powder can be purchased at Indian grocery stores and online shops. Make sure to buy from a reputable source, as not all chili powders are created equal and some may not be suitable for individual tastes.

It’s always a good idea to research different brands to determine which one has the best chili powder for your needs. Most good quality Pahadi chili powder should have a deep red color, a strong aroma, and a mild-to-medium spiciness.

Make Your Dishes Come Alive With Pahadi Red Chilly Powder

Pahadi red chilly powder is a high-quality, hand-processed chili powder that has a unique flavor and aroma. Its mild spiciness and smoky taste make it perfect for both spicing up meat and vegetable dishes, as well as for creating flavorful marinades and sauces.

So, if you’re looking to get creative with your recipes and add an extra punch of flavor to your dishes, why not spice up your cuisine with Pahadi red chili powder?


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